Patient Portal Is An Underutilized Resource If It Does Not Improve Patient Engagement!

Patient engagement has globally become an important component of Health Care delivery. A patient portal offers the benefits of engaging and involving the patients in their personal health care management.


Its unique features orchestrate an electronic connection between the patients and their health providers, which allows both the parties to work concurrently on health care. There are a myriad of ways through which portals can assure improved patient engagement.

Educating Staff And Patients On Patient Portal

Health care organizations must educate providers and patients on how a portal can facilitate advance benefits to them and how can they use it to obtain well managed, efficient health services.

Very often, patients are ignorant about what all a patient portal is capable of offering to them and its seamless functionalities-and hence they elude from availing portal services. Hospital staff can also play significant role as they can remind and update the patients about portal features and reinforce its benefits.

Sending Follow-Up Emails

Alerts, notifications and confirmations sent through mails inform the patients that their reports, appointment schedules etc are now online. They can also be coached about accessing their online health information and using secure tools through emails which also clears their doubts and apprehensions.

Providing Clinical Summaries

Information about patient’s visit, medications, future appointments, special instructions etc. should be available on the portal so that patients can easily access pertinent health data whenever and wherever required. This assuredly sends a message of “we care” to the patients and they feel motivated to get involved.

Allowing Them To View Their Lab Results

With sophisticated patient portal solutions, patients can be provided seamless access to their lab results and data, integrated with an electronic health record (EHR). Such proactive and engaging features increase patient participation in self health management.

Helping In Prescription Refill

By responding quickly and efficiently to online prescription refill requests on patient portals, patient satisfaction can be enhanced thus securing more active participation.

Managing Chronic Illness

Through secure patient-physician messaging on portals, patients with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes can receive medical care on an ongoing basis. Disease specific contents and regular assessments can be reviewed which assists the patient in better health management.

Implementing Interactive And Personalized Portal Tools

A systematic, user-friendly, patient-specific patient portal with a problem-solving orientation builds confidence among the users and keeps them appealingly engaged.

Patient portals have unquestionably emerged as efficient tools for increasing patient engagement, but what ultimately impresses patients is the quality of delivered health care. Therefore, along with information availability and sharing, health professionals and organizations must assure safe, accountable, effective and high-value health care.

Patient engagement is fundamental for achieving meaningful goals and also serves as an index for consumer satisfaction. Merely offering patient portal is not enough; health care providers must develop and design a clear strategy for patient engagement using a variety of e-health tools.

Solid tactics supporting patient engagement and efforts of the organization help in developing a customized patient portal which in turn promotes patient and family engagement-and long term investment returns.


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